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Sandy Beach Destinations — Top 10: 6

hamoa_beachBack to Hawaii now, because the Hamoa Beach is too good to pass up.  This beach is actually in Maui and it is definitely one beach that you should visit – aren’t they all though?  Well, I can tell you for sure that this particular beach is special just because of all of the beautiful and lush vegetation that surrounds it.

The sea cliffs are also something that the Hamoa Beach is known for and what a sight they are!  You want to sightsee as well as go to a beautiful beach?  The Hamoa Beach is definitely the one that you should look at!

You can also explore the famous Haleakala National Park as well, for this beach is right by it!

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Sandy Beach Destinations — Top 10: 5

nz-doubtless-bay-005If you live on the east coast and think that you have absolutely no beaches around, I have to say that Coopers Beach is right in New York.  This beautiful beach is actually on Long Island and it is near the town of Southampton, really close to New York City, which is quite the perk.

The beach is a great place to go whenever you are looking to get out for a little while and get out for a day trip.  You want to get out of the concrete jungle of New York City?  Then you should definitely visit Cooper’s Beach.

This little place is actually incredible when you catch it on a good day – but when the weather is bad, it’s really bad.

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Sandy Beach Destinations — Top 10: 4

coronado-beachOkay, moving on from Florida, I have to tell you that Coronado Beach is the next beach up on our list.  This is a beach that I have personally been two and a beach that I have to say that I love.  Not only does the Coronado Beach have a ton to do, but it is beautiful!

The sand is awesome, the stretch of beach is awesome and overall, you will want to make sure that you are showing off your hot swimsuit at the Coronado Beach.  This beach is located in California and it is actually really close to the Coronado, which is right by San Diego.

This beach is actually made up of a number of different beaches and overall, it is very popular in the summertime!

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Sandy Beach Destinations — Top 10: 3

beach_1Now that we have explored a little bit Hawaii, let’s go ahead and move back over to Florida where they have the beautiful Siesta Beach.  This is a beach that I have to say is breathtaking.  Not only does it offer up some of the best views but the sandy white and the crisp and clear water is awesome.

This beach is found on Siesta Key, which is along with Lido Key, world famous for its beaches.  The sand in Siesta Beach is actually 99% crystal quartz, which really makes it beautiful and shine – and it is the cleanest, whitest beach out there.

You can also play sports, BBQ and all around have a fun time whenever you are at Siesta Beach!

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Sandy Beach Destinations — Top 10: 2

hanalei-bay-windsurfHanalei Bay is the next beach up and I have to say – that this beautiful beach is one that I am looking forward to visiting … at some point in my life.  This is actually a Hawaiian beach, which makes it all the better.  It is right on the northern coast of Kauai Island and it is definitely one of those beaches that you want to visit.

You can honestly enjoy the pristine and beautiful ocean that Hawaii has and I have to say, that this beautiful space has about 3 miles of sandy beach for you to ensure.  It is an awesome place to lie out and relax and of course – show off that swimsuit of yours!

On the Hanalei Bay, there are a ton of different views and it is honestly one amazing sight to see!

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Sandy Beach Destinations — Top 10: 1

DF15B15DC32F6339FEF246E6BA3D5In this blog, we have explored everything from swimwear all the way to some beach-ready hairstyles but what about the beaches themselves?  Well people, I am now going to go ahead and talk about the top ten beaches of all time, so that way you can wear that beautiful swimsuit there and make sure that you show it off!

The first up on the list is the Caladesi Island State Park Beach.  This particular beach was actually voted the best beach last year and I have to say that it is honestly one awesome looking beach.  It is in Florida … of course and it is extremely close to Tampa.

It has some beautiful stretches of white sand and there is a ton of things that you can do, including bathhouses, fishing, shelling, boating and even hiking!

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5 Beach-Ready Hairstyles: 5

beach 5Last but most definitely not least, you can actually wear a chic, sleek bun at the beach. It takes way less time than you might think.

Plus, you can add some braiding to give it a great, beach friendly edge. Specifically, make a small braid on either side of where you part your hair before you put it into the bun.

And guess what? Here’s a bonus, sixth style — or maybe just a variation on the bun.

Try a chignon, low on the name of your neck. Also quite easy, you should begin by putting in a leave in conditioner, which will not only help with the look but will also help provide protection to your hair, so the sun will not fry your ends.

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5 Beach-Ready Hairstyles: 4

beach 4At the beach, you can turn heads with a simple ponytail as well. All you have to do is lend it a little easy glamor.

Here is what you do. Put your hair in a ponytail like usual. Then take the tail and split it into two separate sections.

Halfway down the tail, twist those sections together. Then, just wrap an elastic around to keep the twists in place!

Need a reference? Check out Kate Hudson’s take:


This look is easier to put together than it sounds, and will look great on the beach — not to mention just about anywhere else!

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5 Beach-Ready Hairstyles: 3

beach 3You can never go wrong with loose, low waves. Plus, the great news is that they are totally DIY. What’s that mean, exactly?

Well, you can do them all by yourself, and perfecting the style is surprisingly easy.

In fact, this particular style is at its best (not to mention its sexiest) when it is not flawless and perfect.

If you want loose curls and rippling waves, all you have to do is use a spray bottle to get your hair damp (or wait until it is toweled dry to damp after you wash it), then braid it.

Make the braids thick. Tight braids will lead to tight waves and curls, which will frizz in the humidity.

Go to sleep or dry your hair. Once you undo the braids, finger comb your hair — no picks, brushes, or actual combs! — and you’re ready!

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5 Beach-Ready Hairstyles: 2

beach 2When you are trying to get your hair ready for a day at the beach, braids can take you a long way.

A great style for the sand and the surf consists of braiding.

Specifically, as you see in this lovely picture, try putting a braid just right in the front of your hair.

This is a small but elegant detail, one that speaks volumes. Tons of braids are not necessary.

All you need is to part your hair to the side and then french braid a portion of your hair. You can tuck its end right inside of your loose hair and use a bobby pin to secure it. Voila!

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