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Awful tan lines to avoid

Tan lines are sexy, when done properly. Whether you’re tanning naturally or artificially, we hope that you don’t get caught in these tan nightmares because there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to fix a disastrous tan line the night of a big event.

Jada Pinkett and her Neck Strap Tan Line

Wife to Will Smith, we’ve always admired the allure and power of this woman. However, what we don’t admire is her neck strap tan line peeping out from her red carpet dress. While halter and triangle tops are good for bust support, they give bad tan lines. Lesson: try wearing a bandeau swimsuit that has strapless tops and removable straps.

Kim Kardashian and her reverse raccoon face tan

The singer may be beautiful but she sure made a big boo-boo on this one. Kim published a reverse raccoon face tan. According to her tweet that day, she fell asleep with her sunglasses on while getting a tan. When she woke up, her face was totally sunburned. Lesson: don’t fall asleep while lying out in the sun. Wear an effective sunblock on your face or a hat.

Racerback you can’t take off

Racerbacks, monokinis, and one-piece swimsuits may be cute but when you’re lying out for an even tan, don’t expect one. Lesson: if you’re wearing one that ties at the back, untie it and layer on good sun block lotion before drifting off.

Next time you’re getting tan on the beach, try these tips to avoid nightmare tan lines that take so long to get rid of.

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