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Some Hot Agua De Coco Spring Suits: 3

coco-115-117-iThis suit is a little bit different than the other ones that we have talked about.  This is one of the black and white pieces that I have seen scattered throughout the Agua De Coco collection and honestly, I love it.  The top is very unique and different and it is actually padded, which provides you with a heck of a lot of support.

Another benefit is that it ties along the back and the halter and the bottom is one again tube.  Tube bottoms are actually a signature for the Agua De Coco brand and personally, I like them a lot better.  They provide a lot of coverage where it needs to be yet is still super sexy.

Overall, I think that the Agua De Coco is absolutely breathtaking and I think that if you are looking for a swimsuit this spring, you should check out Agua De Coco!

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