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Interview with Reyhan Sofraci, Designer of AQUA DI LARA

Reyhan SofraciI recently watched a television interview with Reyhan Sofraci, the founder and designer of AQUA DI LARA™ luxury swimwear. It was refreshing to see someone who was not a super model and someone who had not really aspired to become a designer. In fact her major was not in a creative field at all but rather in the sciences. Her demeanor was different than other designers and at first I did not realize that she was the creator behind such gorgeous, unique bathing suits. She was extremely humbled when it was mentioned that Sports Illustrated had used her suits in their photo shoots.

When asked, “who wears her suits?” she answered that her target market is “women in the eighteen to thirty-five age bracket, women who are glamorous, and women who want to be noticed on the beach”. The interesting part about that direction is she did not take the easy way out by making a smaller bathing suit. New bathing suit companies seem to be taking the shock factor to the max with the micro, “nothing there” suits.

Contrarily, Reyhan actually designs a sophisticated line of swimwear made with high style, coquettish bows, removable straps, crystals, gems, rhinestones, and European fabrics imported to Montréal, Canada. The 2008 collection that was showcased as part of the interview included four main groups called Antonella, Etzu, Borelle and Pandorra, which is considered the most risqué of the line. But I have to admit, as beautiful as the Pandorra designs are, I found them to be extremely regal and not at all risqué in the sense of lewd. This is just another way that Reyhan shows women how wearing the right bathing suit can make them look outstanding without appearing trashy.

Reyhan’s masterpieces are undeniably elegant, sexy and extraordinary.

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