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5 Designs that Make Caffe 2010 the Hottest: 1

caffe 1When many people think of Caffe Swimwear, they think of the fact that this brand is so well known for making swimsuits go haute cuture. They have turned summer fashion into high fashion, because the designs therein are beautifully sexy, chic, and stunningly stylish. It is all about the glam and they do it well — especially Paula Saavedrea, the designer behind the magic, who brings spicy Latin American influences to the suits and attendant swimwear.

Such as the Boho Chic vee neck tunic. This is absolutely bohemian! And it will look great with any Caffe swimsuit you could possibly choose. A short tunic, its vee neck is beautifully beaded and it has sash ties at the wrists so that the fit is more adjustable.

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