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Hot Winter Cruise Wear: 3

cruise 3So, do cruises have any type of dress code? Well, sure — although the laxness or strictness of this dress code will depend on what kind of cruise you are actually taking — and where you are on your holiday, if that is the case, because holiday destinations definitely have their own dress codes as well. And there are very traditional cruises which have a dress code all their own.

In general, however, jackets and ties work for the men on formal nights, while a simpler jacket and tie pass on casual nights. Formal gowns for the ladies, cocktail dresses and things of that ilk, will do — but check beforehand, because if things have gotten very casual, you can wear your swimwear at night!

An lovely, floaty dress like the one you see here is ideal for more casual evenings. It is available at!

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