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Know Your Body Type & Pick the Right Suit: 1

body type 1One of the biggest reasons choosing a bathing suit can be so frustrating is because many women — myself included — have no idea what body shape they have, which can make it all but impossible to choose a comfortable and flattering swimsuit.

You see, every shape is different — and sometimes, that very fact is why it is hard to find a comfortable suit. Mass produced suits, if you will, are not tailored to fit individual body types all that well. You have to look closely to see, then, what aspects of an individual swimsuit will suit your shape.

You see, there is a swimsuit out there to fudge every flaw you think you have, real or imagined, and turn it into an asset. Short legs, long torso, large bust, wide hips — there is a great swimsuit out there for you, you just have to know how to find it!

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