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Monokinis Gone Wild!

sabz-luxuryAnimal prints, animal prints, animal prints — they are everywhere!  Of course, you usually just see some kind of leopard print or something like that.  In spite of animal prints being all the rage, there is not a lot in the way of variation.

Sabz Luxury decided to take care of that with their 2009 swimsuit collection.  I myself am not usually a fan of animal prints, but even I have to admit that this monokini is just too cute for words!

Forget leopards, how do you fancy a giraffe print?  And in green, no less, which is taking the place of black for swimsuits this season, or so it seems.  Nor does Sabz go overboard, by making the entire suit a giraffe print.  Rather, as you can see, the top is balanced by a different pattern altogether — and some very perfectly placed flowers, no less!

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