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Agua Bendita: Taste the Rainbow

agua-benditaIn this day and age, in fashion in general and swimwear in particular, it seems like everything has been done, even when it comes to designer label bathing suits.  Everything new is a variation of something that has already been done, so just about every swimsuit you see seems like some kind of deja vu.  Fortunately, that is where Agua Bendita comes into the picture.

Before we even start talking about the piece to the right, it has got to be said that on any site or any store you find selling Agua Bendita swimwear, you will also likely find a little note telling you that every piece is one hundred percent original, one of a kind, unique, to the point that no two swimsuits will ever be the same.  Each one will have some subtle variation, so you can be sure you are getting something completely original.  How awesome is that?

The same goes for this gorgeous, clearly innovative swimsuit.  Sure, cut out suits are all the rage this summer, but have you ever seen one like this?  The cut out itself is so intricate!  This swimsuit is known as the Agua de Arcoiris, or Rainbow.  And certainly, that is exactly the feeling it gives you, just by looking at it.

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