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Stacy Keibler Swimwear: Yes, She Is Multi-Talented!

Now to be quite frank, I did not think that this rocking chick from the wrestling side of the world could come up with anything.  I mean, why would she really have to work with legs like that?  Well folks, she has decided to design and come out with her own line of swimwear and I have to say, this swimwear is freakin’ amazing!  Not only is it some of the coolest looking swimwear in the world, but it is honestly one of the sexiest collections of swimwear I have ever see!

Stacy, if you read this, I have to give you props girl!  Tori Wilson is rocking this adorable flowered, yellow swimsuit just perfectly and everything about it is just working in her favor.  If you can make Tori Wilson look good Stacy, you can make anyone look good!

Now of course, most of Stacy’s swimsuits are going to be two pieces and very small and tight, so if you do not have the body to keep up with this, you might want to get out of the kitchen and stick with something a little more modest.  Stacy does not design for us modest people; all of her swimsuits are risky but hot!  So check them out folks!

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