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Wicked Weasel = Sexy

So, micro wear is in. Whether you like it or not, micro wear is the newest, hottest craze for swim wear. Teeny tiny tops and even smaller bottoms are the newest thing, and Wicked Weasel is the company to provide it. From all accounts, including personal testimonies, Wicked Weasel is a definite winner. Their bikinis are about as small as you can get while still wearing something. Guys seem to love this brand, so obviously it is extremely sexy, even if somewhat risqué.
Wicked Weael Tri Top Camo FlowerWicked Weasel Tri Top Snakeskin MeshWicked Weasel Tri Top Zebra Mesh
I personally don’t have the body or self- confidence to wear any of the Wicked Weasel designs, but I admit that despite my initial hesitation, I love this line. Apparently I’m not the only one. Wicked Weasel has a huge fan base, male and female alike. I guarantee that men will love this swimwear, and you in it! Let me put it this way, my boyfriend had to stop and give his complete attention to this site. He loved it, and was trying to drag me to the bedroom just from seeing the styles offered! So imagine what he would do if I was actually wearing one of their bikinis. If you can handle wearing the great Wicked Weasel designs, I promise it will get you the attention you deserve. Just be warned- Wicked Weasel screams sex!

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