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Awful tan lines to avoid

Tan lines are sexy, when done properly. Whether you’re tanning naturally or artificially, we hope that you don’t get caught in these tan nightmares because there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to fix a disastrous tan line the night of a big event.

Jada Pinkett and her Neck Strap Tan Line

Wife to Will Smith, we’ve always admired the allure and power of this woman. However, what we don’t admire is her neck strap tan line peeping out from her red carpet dress. While halter and triangle tops are good for bust support, they give bad tan lines. Lesson: try wearing a bandeau swimsuit that has strapless tops and removable straps.

Kim Kardashian and her reverse raccoon face tan

The singer may be beautiful but she sure made a big boo-boo on this one. Kim published a reverse raccoon face tan. According to her tweet that day, she fell asleep with her sunglasses on while getting a tan. When she woke up, her face was totally sunburned. Lesson: don’t fall asleep while lying out in the sun. Wear an effective sunblock on your face or a hat.

Racerback you can’t take off

Racerbacks, monokinis, and one-piece swimsuits may be cute but when you’re lying out for an even tan, don’t expect one. Lesson: if you’re wearing one that ties at the back, untie it and layer on good sun block lotion before drifting off.

Next time you’re getting tan on the beach, try these tips to avoid nightmare tan lines that take so long to get rid of.

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Masquenada Swimwear 2011 Collection

Masquenada never fails to cater to customers who are searching for unique clothing that are “tailored fit” to meet their needs. The Masquenada collection leans towards youthful vibes and exclusive collections made in silk, crepe, and Italian microfiber for the softest feel and accessories made of the finest Swarvoski crystals. All Masquenada apparel and accessories are made in Florence, France by leading swimwear company Mabell Moda Mare and designer Marco Staderini.

Mayan Jewel Collection

Bandeau Top with Swarovski crystals and embroidery

This Bandeau top is exclusively made for the leading ladies who adore sequin, embroidery details, and Swarovski crystals. This tube-top stays in place even without the optional neck strap. Soft breast cups are included for additional support. Made in Italy of 86% Nylon & 14% Elastane.

Reversible Basic Bottom

This reversible two-way basic bottom comes in violet and cream colors. It provides moderate coverage and sits below the hips of a trendy look. Made in Italy of 86% Nylon & 14% Elastane.

Triangle Top

If you’re not a fan of tube tops with removable straps, you can always opt for the classic triangle top. It has the same embroidery details, sequin, and Swarvoski crystals design and removable cups for support and ties both at the back and the neck areas. Made in Italy of 86% Nylon & 14% Elastane.

Reversible Brazilian Bottom

For a modern daring look, this Brazilian-cut bottom sits below the hips. It provides moderately less coverage compared to the Reversible Basic Bottom MQ82 but has the same reversible two-way color. Made in Italy of 86% Nylon & 14% Elastane.

Bandeau Top with Swarovski (removable cups and straps)

This one is made of a darker hue but has the same embroidery details, sequin, and Swarovski crystals design and removable cups for support and removable beck straps. The top ties at the back. Made in Italy of 86% Nylon & 14% Elastane.

Tie Side Bottom

This lined bottom sits below the hips. Provides adequate coverage. It has an adjustable tie at the sides to provide an easily adjustable fit. Made in Italy of 80% Nylon & 20% Elastane.

Spring Swimsuit

Push Up Top

The bust area boasts of a decorative tie design and a leaf pattern made from Swarovski crystals. Inclusive of push-up bra padding, underwire support, adjustable shoulder straps and a clasp at the back for closure. Made in Italy of 86% Nylon & 14% Elastane.

Tie Side Bottom

The fully lined matching bottom is adorned by a simple detail made with Swarovski crystals. Contrasting waistband adds interesting twist. The bottom sits below the hips. Provides adequate coverage. Made in Italy of 86% Nylon & 14% Elastane.

Tribal Swimsuit

Fixed Triangle Top

The top features a geometric print pattern in grey, black, and lime green with detailed straps adorned with beads. The top ties at the 3 parts: back, neck and bust. Made in Italy of 80% Nylon & 20% Elastane.

Tie Side Bottom

The fully lined bottom has a contrasting waist band for design and adjustable tie sides for the perfect fit. Sits below the hips. Provides adequate coverage. Made in Italy of 80% Nylon & 20% Elastane.


This soft, beautiful tunic is just the perfect cover-up for your Masquenada swimwear. It features a geometric print detail, long sleeves, and V neckline. Made from Crepe Silk. Made in Italy.

Tribal Monokini

This funky, lined monokiki has a solid bottom, a printed top and a ring in the middle. Ties at the back and the neck. If you don’t want to get tan lines, simply detach the bottom from the tie using the ring detail. The bottom part sits below the hips and provides relatively less coverage. Made in Italy of 80% Nylon & 20% Elastane.

Academy of Art University has one of the topfashion schools in the nation with the most famous show in the industry.

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2011 Luxury Bikinis, Swimsuits, and Swimwear from Chio di Stefania D

The line of Chio di Stefania D has been in the market since 1999 drawing all the beautiful swimwear collections from the creativity of its founder Stefania Di Simone and her sister Maria Cristina. The brand is being designed and produced exclusively in Italy. The designer bikini has been successful in injecting a sense of haute couture to the swimwear industry.

Chio has been featured in a lot of glossy pages and being sold across the globe. The swimsuits are made with premium fabrics and produced using the most modern techniques of the business. It is never surprising to see their bikinis with Swarovski crystals, delicate pallets, and laser cut outs perfectly put together by artisans.

Here are some of their latest offerings:

Tiffany and Flowers Halter Bikini

This white halter bikini features floral designs highlighted by Swarovski crystals. The top gives you adjustable cups and can be tied at the back or neck. The bottom locks at the hips and sits quite low on the hips. The set provides moderate coverage.

Soft Pop String Knit Bikini

If you love pink, this is the perfect luxury bikini for you. This crochet bikini is quite a candy to the eye with all the shades that come into play. The triangle top also has adjustable cups. The bottom hangs low on the hips.

Venice High Waist 2-Piece

This is a classic swimwear in black and white high waist fit. The bandeau top comes with classy embroidery and crystal accents. The high waist bottom gives you a moderate coverage.

If you’re planning an event and need a Fancy Dress for whatever theme you choose, Party Domain has it all.

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Beachwear essential for Summer 2010

Aside from your sunscreen, we lineup some swimwear necessities so you can enjoy the sun and sand while looking fabulous.

Bandeau Bikini from Bond-Eye Chelsea

p81 Chelsea-Bandeau-Bikini

This bikini from the Chelsea collection of Bond-Eye is made of 18% elastane and 82% polyamide. If you want more support, you can use the optional straps. The slight padding for the top gives a nice good shape to the body.

Eclipse Aurora Maxi Dress from Moontide

p81 moontide maxidress

This t-bar maxidress is one of our favorites and we are sure that you will find it as one of great beachwear too. It is very classy, versatile, and stylish under the summer sun.

Mandalay Bardot bikini from Seafolly

p81 seafolly mandalay bardot

Everything about this bikini reflects the glamour and elegance of Brigitte Bardot. It is a new style from Seafolly with the bikini top finished with soft cups and a clip for the back. The gold ring accent is plasticized so you don’t have to worry that it might burn the skin.

Moontide Eclipse swimwear from Moontide

p81 moontide eclipse

Moontide introduces a diversion range under their Moontide Eclipse collection. The Aurora bandeau one-piece beachwear represent pure glamour with a design combining black, white, and some vibrant color details. It is designed for comfort as well as style.

Triple Disc sandal from Aspiga

p81 aspiga

Aspiga comes up with a leather sandal with a sole made from flexible rubber called Three Disc. The design is focused on the beaded small central discs in line with some beadings down the side.

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Top 5 swimwears from ViX for 2010

The ViX swimwear traces its origin from Vitoria, Brazil where Paula Hermanny, its founder, first dreamed of the styles she wants to introduce to women’s swimwear. The collection of ViX for 2010 pushes for exciting spins for beachwear. The details are kept sizzling hot with the use of cutting-edge materials and trademark accessories. Checkout some designer swimwear from the 2010 collection of ViX:



This set features a separate triangle top with studs lining the cup to highlight your bolder character.  It pairs up with a full coverage black ruffled skirt with a studded waistline.

Jett one piece

Jett One piece

The one piece version of the Jett is a classy, sassy swimsuit that has a deep v-shaped neck lined with ruffles with the lower portion providing moderate coverage.

Sun Bikini

Sun Bikini

The triangle top has layered ruffles giving this set a flirty attitude. The straps of the top also have gold accents which matches the gold rings used for the hip of the matching bottom. Gold accents are also use for the end fo the cords. Both top and bottom are fully lined.

Sunset Green

Sunset Green

The long triangle top of this two-piece set comes with adjustable cups with padded support. Be more daring and go for a Brazilian cut bottom that has cool studded leather details for the hips.



The top is highlighted by gold and pink sliders for the cups while the matching white bottom also makes use of similar sliders to give something less of a moderate coverage.

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Making Swimsuit Shopping Easier: 10

suit 10Once you are sure that you have the suit that you really want, that you love the style, the color, and the cut, and that it is the right size, guess what?

The ordeal is finally over!

You are ready to purchase the suit! Of course, make sure you keep the receipt, just in case.

This may seem like a long, drawn out process, but what it takes it time, it makes up for in ease.

You see, if you just take the time to consider all these things before you even try anything on, you can really make the process of shopping for a new swimsuit a whole lot easier.

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Making Swimsuit Shopping Easier: 9

suit 9

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Making Swimsuit Shopping Easier: 8

suit 8

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Making Swimsuit Shopping Easier: 7

suit 7Once you have the right size, you still have some things to think about and consider.

First of all, take another close look at all the possible suits.

Pay particularly close attention to the colors and to any prints.

You may like the color and design, but you have to be honest with yourself.

Is it flattering? Would you actually be comfortable, being seen in public wearing that style?

Remember, just because a bathing suit is the epitome of sexy on the hanger and even in the fitting room, it might be a bit too much when you are out in public.

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Making Swimsuit Shopping Easier: 6

suit 6All right, so now we get to sizing.

I know it can be difficult when you realize that it is necessary to go get a larger size.

I know it can be especially disheartening on those occasions when you discover that you cannot find a larger size in the styles you like the most.

It can make you want to give up the whole thing, but don’t feel bad. And if you need to take a break at this point, come back another time.

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